5 Tips for Combining Business and Leisure Travel, Destination Mideast


As summer approaches, I ask myself how can I get away and run two companies. Journey research reveals that we Americans are likely to forfeit holiday days. The most effective option I see is uniting business with pleasure on each excursion abroad.

Having signed up for a seminar in Dubai, I was intrigued by the modern day Mideast while needing to learn more about its historical cultures. After some investigation, I found a flight with a couple days stopover to Dubai via Jordan.

Leaving nothing to chance, I organized an airport pick up and reserved a 5 star hotel well located in a posh part of Amman with multiple restaurant choices within the resort and nearby. Having examined Arabic, I was pleased to get to practice it even though the Egyptian classes I examined differed significantly from the Jordanian dialect.

As a crossroads, Jordan has a remarkable history from the early Nabataeans to the Romans, Alexander the Great, Byzantine and Arab cultures. Beyond its historic monuments, Jordan has a really lively present day culture. Soon after my entrance, I saw this first hand as a neighborhood wedding party made its way through the resort reception to celebrate with music and dancing.

I headed out on a day tour of the capital exploring the Roman ruins in Amman. I stood transfixed high over the city. With just a short stay, I made the a lot of the time choosing a motorist as local guide for about 12 hours daily. Luckily, spaces were pretty close with the quest centered on the Roman ruins in Jerash of the following day. Its popular history begins at the time of Alexander the Great but fell to the Romans under Pompey in the first century AD. With the balmy October climate, my guide and I subsequently ate al fresco surrounded by wineries. There wasn’t a tour bus in sight!

The following day’s journey down to Byzantine Madaba finished at the renown Dead Sea. Well-known for its spa treatments, I only had time to gaze in the ocean before retracing my steps to Amman.

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