About Me

Joann Lasley

My name is Joann Lasley and I am a travelling fanatic. I’ve travelled to over 80 nations and have picked up many travelling hacks while I was there. I fly at a very low cost, never pay full cost, and consistently get the most out of my difficult earned off traveling. I began this blog, kurowan to share my tricks and journey hacks that I’ve learned from years of traveling. Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

I am 38 years old this year and I have covered the whole of Europe under the age of 30.

Before I reach 40 ( in 2 more years time), I plan to travel the whole of Asia as well.

How I sustain my travelling habits you asked? At the age of 28, I felt that my life was boring and mundane as I have been working in a desk bound job for 8 years. I saved up a good amount of money and went to travel around after quitting my job. Today, I owned Kurowan and it is my full time job- a blog which I started after travelling for months to post hacks and trips experiences I have been on. Thanks to the overwhelming number of readers I am getting everyday, blogging has became my full time career at the age of 30 and hopefully till the end of my time.

I will continue to travel and keep you updated about my life as I meet new obstacles at a different place every time!