Early Booking Tips

Every year it’s the same! Before asking where to go, the question is, when should the decision be made and the holiday booked? Do I prefer to book very early to get an early bird discount or do I wait until the last moment and hope for a last minute bargain?

Both possibilities pay off – it depends on the conditions and the flexibility! Some of you may not be able to fly away spontaneously and need to plan your 2019 holiday in advance. Others, on the other hand, can take advantage of last-minute bargains by committing themselves at the last minute to their destination and holiday dates.

Therefore, in this case you should know where you can get good and cheap holiday offers early and when it is best to search for the early bird bargains. In this article, I – the Reiseuhu – give you a small overview of when and where you can book your holiday in 2019.

Here we go! I – the Reiseuhu – will show you the advantages and disadvantages of early booking and last minute trips, give you information about the early booking season and who should book an early booking trip.

What is a Frübucher discount?

Only the early bird catches the worm…A parental saying, which is absolutely applicable here. Early bird bookings can save money – so it’s worth it to be determined early. An early booking trip is the reduced offer of a tour operator. With especially early booking there are then juicy discounts.

What does the tour operator get out of it?

Of course, there are not only juicy percentages for an early booking trip, but also advantages for the tour operator. On the one hand the early booking discount is an advertising measure for the tour operator, on the other hand he gets planning security by early bookings. This makes it easier to calculate capacities at airports, hotel rooms and cruise tickets. How long an early booking discount is granted depends on the tour operator. A deadline is usually set for this. Sometimes, however, there is also a contingent of early booking tickets or seats. Incidentally, early bird discounts are particularly often applied to package tours, festival tickets and airline tickets.

Advantages and disadvantages of early bird travel

But those who cannot or do not want to rely on last-minute offers have to think a little earlier about where they would like to travel to. And then the question is how early, when is it early enough, when is it no longer early enough to dust off an early bird discount – and what are the advantages and disadvantages of early bird travel?

Advantages of early booking

Such an early booking trip has of course some advantages over last-minute trips. Planning security is the top priority.

In addition, if you decide early, you have the whole range to choose from, so that you can usually book the hotel of your choice at a good price without any problems.

The early-bird discounts and fixed prices for children are usually guaranteed. You can prepare for your holiday early, compare car rental prices, find out about destination activities and climatic conditions. Well prepared you will then start your dream holiday at a reduced price.

Disadvantages of an early booking

What can be seen as an advantage may also be seen as a disadvantage by others: planning security – or the determination of date and destination. Spontaneously, one can only change one’s mind with many applications and co.

If, for example, you can’t or won’t travel for personal reasons, you may have to pay high cancellation fees. Therefore you should always take out a travel cancellation insurance in order not to be stuck on the costs – you never know what will come.

Unforeseeable travel factors

With an early booking you can unfortunately not foresee some things. Jellyfish plague, political crises, changes in entry regulations, climatic changes and so on are not foreseeable for half a year or more. And in this case you often don’t have a right of withdrawal, but have to hope for the goodwill of the tour operator or get involved in discussions.

A further disadvantage of trips booked too early are the discounts that may only be offered after booking. Early bookers do not have the right to receive discounts after the booking has been completed. This can happen if the same trip is offered at a lower price two weeks later. All in all, you can still book your holiday for this year well in advance – as long as you remember the insurance policies.

Differences to Last Minute Travel

You’ve heard of a last minute trip, haven’t you? That’s the exact opposite of an early bird trip. In contrast to an early booking trip, the last minute trip is not booked a few months before departure, but a few weeks, days or hours before. And then the price has fallen, but the choice has not remained. Because if you book a last minute trip, you profit from remaining places, remaining parts of the contingent at the tour operator and from cancellations of other holidaymakers. And for those with the shortest decision, there are also Super Last Minute trips in addition to the Last Minute trips. You can book your flight ticket, hotel or package deal a maximum of 72 hours before departure or travel. And off you go. And you can book last-minute trips all year round. So why not just take a spontaneous trip?

Mega early bird discount vs. Super Last Minute

The opposite of the early booking trip is the last minute trip. Both offers promise discounted conditions. Did you know that you can also get a Mega Early Bird discount? Yes, really! If you book about 1.5 years before, you can get even more discounts. The equivalent is the Super Last Minute trip – 72 hours before departure. But the question still remains: when should I book my holiday for 2019? Because discounts are only available at the right moment.

When to book for this year?

By 2019, millions of Germans will be heading for the sun again – that could be the high-altitude sun of the Alps as well as the summer sun in Thailand, Spain or Italy. The fact that you should book early in order to secure your early bird discount has already been mentioned. But how early is too early and when is the best time to book? Well, that differs from organizer to organizer and therefore not exactly predictable.

Vacation 2019: When is the perfect booking period?

As a rule of thumb you should keep in mind that about 8 months before departure the choice is the biggest. So you should book your holiday 2019 half a year in advance, for example you can book your holiday for summer 2019 in December / January and have so guaranteed a lot of choice and can still get some great discounts.

What are rolling discounts?

Furthermore, there are so-called “rolling discounts” which tour operators like to work with. In principle, this means that the earlier you book, the higher the discount. The most popular deadlines are 31.1., 28.2. and 30.4., for long-haul trips even 30.06. in the previous year! However, you should keep calm in any case.

These dates don’t apply to all tour operators, so it’s worth comparing different tour operators and keeping an eye on price developments. If you have clarified in advance where you want to go, how many people will be on board and what your maximum budget is, then all you have to do at the right moment is to make a move. And then the holiday is twice as much fun.

For whom is an early booking trip in 2019 worthwhile?

Early bird trips are especially attractive for those of you for whom the holiday times are fixed long in advance due to external circumstances. This applies to families with school-age children as well as to teachers or employees in jobs with seasonal conditions. Winter or summer break predestine this episode for a holiday. If these times are clear early, you can book.

When is the season for early booking trips?

Whether summer, winter, Christmas, autumn or Whitsun holidays are popular – that’s obvious – for holidays. And the good thing is: the early booking season is always good. Whether for a hearty skiing holiday or a warm, relaxed beach holiday, in summer or winter – early booking discounts can always be secured with the right overview. Especially with children, it is worth relying on planning security, booking early and travelling cheaper. And everyone wants to leave during the holiday season – if you book early, you have the biggest choice.