Making healthy juices, do it with the slowjuicer!

Since a week we have a slowjuicer. Making healthy juices is very easy. You throw in a mountain of fruit or vegetables and …

Make healthy juices with a slowjuicer.

Advantages of a slowjuicer

It’s really super easy to make healthy juices. You can also do a lot of things in it. A few ideas to make:

-fruit juice

-Cold soups (possibly to be warmed up later)

-walnut or almond milk

-vegetable juices

-pancakes made from homemade vegetable batter


-vegetable broth

-peanut spread



I took my inspiration from the book Slow, by Joost Duisterwinkel. He has 150 recipes in a beautiful book processed. The nice thing is: we are allowed to draw 3 books for the best juice recipe with the best juicer machine! So give your recipe, name and email and win one of the books.

The biggest advantage is that you get a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in almost the purest form. You can, for example, drink a large stump of raw kale, which you will not normally eat.

There are many discussions about raw food. I know one thing for sure. It is very healthy to eat raw. The question is whether 100% raw food is healthy. I dare not eat an answer to that. But eating something as nature intended can never be unhealthy.

How does a slowjuicer work?

You cut fruit and vegetables into coarse pieces. One by one you do it in the slowjuicer (also very nice to do with your child). There is a big press in a juicer, which squeezes the juice through a sieve. Now you think, there’s no fiber left. That is not true. The juice still contains quite a few fibres.

A tip for drinking these juices and a good processing of the sugars in your stomach, is to chew the juice. Then your body gets the signal that it has to process something. This can also be done by eating a handful of nuts next to it. This is good for keeping the sugar level stable. Especially if you take a sweet drink.

What is the difference between a slowjuicer and a blender?

Use is made of a press instead of a knife like a blender. With a blender, more oxygen is added to the juice. This is at the expense of the quality of the vitamins and fibres.

You can keep a juice for 48 hours. However, it is important that the juice is well sealed and cold. Glass bottles are the most convenient way of doing this. It is also easy to clean.

Making a juice takes a few minutes. It does go a little slower than in a juicer or blender. Even though you can immediately start pressing the first piece of fruit or vegetable while you are still cutting. Also consider cleaning the device. That will take you a few minutes. They are all different separate parts.

The first time, however, I needed some time to make it fit together properly. But you’ll learn that by yourself at 😉




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