Saving Money For Vacation

“Travel is the only thing you can buy and make yourself richer.” – I am absolutely convinced of that. I would not be the person I am now without the many trips I have made, the people I have met and the moments I have experienced. Travelling promotes personal development and holds endless moments of happiness in store – these are just two of the reasons why so many people like me cannot imagine their lives without it. Most of the time, however, trips are always tied to a reasonably full holiday budget in order not to have to turn over every euro. So that you can put some money aside for your next vacation, we have tips for saving money for your vacation. Have fun!

Minimalism (not only) for your wallet!

Minimalism is a trend among many people. It means to reduce one’s own environment to a few objects and of course to reduce consumer behaviour in order not to accumulate more and more (senseless) stuff. The goal of this movement: Only to be surrounded by beloved things that they value and that make them happy. Therefore our first tip: Ask yourselves whether you really need every new item you want to buy.

In addition, you can earn a little extra change by clearing out the rubbish. Have a look in your apartment to see which items are really close to your heart and what you can do without. If you find it hard to separate yourself from things, here are a few questions you can ask yourself about any item you’re unsure about:

  • Does this part still give me pleasure?
  • What is my first association?
  • Would I wear or use it right now?
  • If I went abroad and had to pay a lot of money for transportation, would I want to take it with me?

Also in the cellar you will find treasures like the fondue pot, which you bought three years ago and used only one New Year’s Eve. Now to the flea market! By the way, we also have some tips for you on how to sell successfully at the flea market: How to become Flohmarkt Pro: 10 tips for successful sales

Our three top tips:

  • Dress interesting!
  • Make your stand appealing!
  • Have fun!

If you don’t like to go to the flea market on Sunday mornings, online portals such as eBay classifieds or Kleiderkreisel are the right places to go. Here you can post your worn clothes or household items in a few minutes and get in touch with buyers online.

Plan your week!

Our next tip: Make a recipe plan for the whole week and only go shopping with the resulting list. This way you can avoid making pleasure purchases, which are then forgotten in the pantry and cost money unnecessarily.

If you calculate a bit more for your dinner plan, you can take the leftovers to work the next day and save the more expensive lunch outside the house. My great cooking tip: One day there are oven vegetables with salad, the next day the oven vegetables are processed as curry. Save time, too!

Our extra tip: If you want to save a lot of money, you should read the topic “Meal Prep”. In German it simply means “preparing food” and is already a big trend in the USA. Once a week dishes are cooked or prepared for the whole week to avoid stress and often unnecessary calories. Here the Meal Preppers pay particular attention to cooking dishes with similar ingredients so that they don’t have to go shopping too much. So if you are Chili sin Carne on day 1, you can prepare a stuffed pepper for the next day with similar ingredients. Then seal everything airtight and put it in the fridge.

The same applies to travel. You can save so much money if you avoid buying food or drinks at the train station or the airport, but unpack your own snack. It tastes better most of the time!

Clever holiday planning

When booking a holiday, several factors are important if you want to travel cheaply: Book early, compare flight times, departure dates and prices. You can also save money on the final booking, e.g. by booking via the cashback portal ShopBuddies. Cashback portal means that ShopBuddies cooperates with over 30,000 webshops worldwide who pay a percentage of ShopBuddies for a successful booking. ShopBuddies will refund all of this money to you – that’s why they call it “cashback”. Also in the range travel & vacation there are a quantity of partners such as Skyscanner,,, ThomasCook or

We would like to explain you the principle of ShopBuddies once at an example. Let’s say you want to book a flight and a rental car through Expedia. Then enter “Expedia” in the ShopBuddies search bar and you’ll be on the provider’s site.

Here you can see in the overview how much cashback you get for which booking. When booking a rental car that would be 12%, when booking a hotel 8% and so on.

Now you click on ShopBuddies on the provider page on “Order with Cashback” and in this case you will be automatically redirected to Don’t be surprised: First, a small window opens and says that you will be redirected to Expedia:

During the booking process it is important that you always stay on the website and do not switch back and forth. You should not visit other websites until the transaction is complete.

Now if you buy something there like a flight or a hotel room, ShopBuddies will get the money for the successful investigation. The amount will then be credited to your ShopBuddies account within 48 hours and displayed in the top right corner of your profile.

After that you only have to decide how you want to have your cashback. There are several possibilities: Either you have your collected credit transferred to your bank account or you request a withdrawal as a gift card, which you can then give to others.

Be sure to check out ShopBuddies because it’s currently the portal with the highest cashback. And there is even the “Highest Cashback Guarantee”, which means that if you discover more cashback elsewhere, you can get the difference paid out by ShopBuddies. Click here for ShopBuddies.

Always be prepared!

Fortunately, today it’s almost no longer a trend to have your own mug with you and have coffee or other hot drinks filled directly for you to take away, or to bring them straight from home. What’s good for the environment because you can save a lot of disposable cups is just as good for your wallet. Many cafes even offer a discount if you bring your own cups. Of course, you can save even more money if you take your coffee directly from home. You should also have a water bottle in your rucksack or handbag so that you can fill up your toilets etc. when you’re out and about. The money can then go directly to your holiday budget.

Water instead of spritzers

Those who constantly refine their daily water with fruit juices in order to enjoy refreshing spritzers should reconsider this – for the sake of their wallet. The cheapest way, of course, is to drink simple tap water. That is healthy in any case, because tap water is one of the best controlled foods in Germany – thanks to the Drinking Water Ordinance.

But if that’s a little too dull for you, you can buy a Sodastream for the tingling carbonic acid and save yourself the hassle of lugging it around and bubble it up yourself at home. For a little more taste, simply add lemon pieces or cucumber slices to the water and let them steep a little.

Other ideas for flavoured water are:

  • Mint
  • thyme
  • Lime (if you like it less bitter, just take the bowl!)
  • Grapefruit/Pink Grapefruit/Orange
  • apple
  • Currants or a handful of TK wild berries
  • ginger

Those who prefer it quick and practical can buy a few lemons once a week, squeeze them into an ice cube mould and then freeze them. So you simply add the already flavoured ice cubes to your water and don’t have to cut up a new fruit every time.

You can also make your own tea. Just keep your eyes open for nettles, birch, dandelion, elderflower, chamomile, mint, marigold, lemon balm, thyme, sage or daisy during your next walk. Then dry the leaves in the sun or on the heater, grind them and pour hot water into a sieve. The homemade herbal tea is ready!